Thursday, March 25, 2010


Every day, weather permitting, Jake and I go for a 2 mile walk. We walk along the Gold River nature trails which meander behind the different villages of Gold River. In the last week or so the wildflowers have begun blooming.

These are California poppies.

Even the dandelions look pretty since they are not in my yard.

I just love the pattern on these leaves.

And you know I can't pass up purple!!

Of course along with wildflowers is wildlife. Kelsey and I saw a coyote and Hagen and I saw wild turkey. I'm not so keen in seeing the mountain lions.

The other day it was reported on the news two cubs were seen on the trails.
Jake and I have become a little more vigilant about them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sunday was the closing of the winter Olympics and also the closing of Ravelympics. I chose to knit a sweater for the husband and threw in a sweater for Murphy as he was shivering- the husband was not. Both sweaters are done.

Although the husband is appreciative I think next year I'm knitting for myself. It's a lot like Christmas knitting - I'm done, now what do I work on next.