Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Little Obsessed

This past December I was trying to find different ways to avoid decorating our Christmas tree that Jim had brought home.  I made appointments, tried extra cleaning the house (I had to get ready for the kid's visit) and looked for any option that I might have an excuse to not put ornaments on the tree.
One of the local quilt shops near me (I am blessed to have several close by) Fabric Garden was offering mini demo's for quick and easy projects on a Saturday. 
I signed up and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon smelling fabric fumes.
One of the projects demo'ed was Sweetpea Pods by Lazy Girl Designs.
Using two 10" squares of fabric, a 10" piece of fusible pellon and a zipper you can make two of these pods.
Each pod uses one side of a zipper.
Fortunately the good people at Atkinson Designs make colorful zipper pulls so you can use both sides.
You also don't have to match your zipper pull colors to your zipper


Or you can.
I might have gotten a little bit carried away today making Sweetpea Pods.

I probably would have made more but I ran out of zippers.
And I can report I didn't have to decorate the tree.  I only had to put the lights on.  The kid and his girlfriend did the rest.


Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Jane Continued

Back in 2013 I started my journey of the Dear Jane Quilt.
I have now been working on it on and off for several years.
This is the year I would like to maybe finally finish it.
For clarification I said that last year.
This year I have hoped to finish up several ongoing projects.
But as always I seem to get sidetracked.
I'd like to think its part of the job.
I have every week my personal shop hops in California, Nevada and Oregon and it really is so hard to resist that fabric temptation.
But I am trying.
This is currently where I am on my Dear Jane.
 I now have 22 blocks to finish, 32 triangles and the 4 corners.
I have collected all the purple batiks I need to finish so it's only a matter of staying focused.

And not yielding to the temptation of all sorts of the possibilities of all the quilts out there in the universe.