Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Add Flag Making To My Resume

My daughter recently starting working for a family owned candy company in Oklahoma City.
One day she asked if I could make them a flag for their flag pole outside.
Never one to say no to a request from one of my children I said "Sure".
How hard could it be?
First was finding the material to make the flag.
After perusing several possibilities I found ripstock in the colors I needed.
Then to the design.
I had Rachel send me a copy of their logo to try and replicate it.

I went old school.  I grided the logo in inches and then grided on freezer paper three inches to size it up.

Do they still make overhead projectors?

The hardest part to the design was trying to figure out how to make it the same on both sides.
After several sleepless nights, which is normal for me, I came apon a plan.
(I do my best problem solving in the middle of the night. My Fitbit will attest to that.)

And can I just say ripstock is made of nylon and one must be careful with the iron.

I am very happy with the finished product but already have thoughts on how to construct the next one.  Yes there will be a next one.  It's Oklahoma City.  There will be tornadoes and lots of wind.

And no people I'm really not for hire to make flags.  I only do this for love or dark chocolate English toffee from Woody Candy Company.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Just call me Leslie

With a name like mine I get called a lot of variations.
 On my birth certificate it is Johanna Maria Petronella  Vrinds.
I was named after my Dutch father's mother.
I have been called Annemieke by my family and friends all my life.
Or Miek by a select few.
This past week I needed an oil change and so I went to the local automotive center that has been servicing our cars for the last several years.
After my oil change yesterday I noticed I was leaving oil spots behind at the few places I stopped.
I also put some paper under my car when I got home to check.
Yes, I was leaking oil.
This morning I went back in to the automotive center to share it seemed I was leaking oil.
The gentleman that owns the business decided my name was Leslie.
I'm really not sure why.
And I decided it was easier to answer to Leslie then try and correct him and get him to call me Annemieke.
So I now answer to Leslie.
And my car is no longer leaking oil.