Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trying Something Different

This past Christmas Jim and I gifted to Rachel, Kelsey and their husbands a month of Blue Apron.
For those not in the know Blue Apron is a" nationwide delivery service that sends you a box of pre-portioned meal ingredients with recipes."
Jim and I are a family of two.
I cook from scratch but I have gotten in to a little bit of a rut.
While I would like to be a little more creative generally there is a LOT of left overs.
With that in mind we decided to try Blue Apron for ourselves.

Last week we had our first delivery.

The box is very well insulated.

It's like Christmas finding out what is in the box.

 This is three meals of food.

And of course the state of California has to put it's two cents in.

The first meal I cooked was curried catfish with coconut rice.
Generally a fish coarse is included with every shipment and it was suggested by a friend who had done Blue Apron to cook that meal first because of spoilage possibilities.

I am not a fan of curried dishes so I wasn't sure if we was going to enjoy this dish.  The curry seasoning was used to coat the catfish and the meal was delicious. 

Thursday night I cooked spicy chicken with Korean rice cakes.
Again a very well seasoned meal.
Included was plenty of gochujang, a Korean hot pepper paste, to make it as spicy as we wanted.   We had never had Korean rice cakes and it gave a different texture to the meal.

Friday night we had the BBQ pork burgers with corn on the cob.
The burgers were delicious but the BBQ came from the BBQ sauce put on the bun so I do think the name for the menu was a bit misleading.
Overall I will say the dinners are very flavorful.
Jim, my meat and potatoes guy, said he would gladly repeat any of the meals again.
The instructions for each meal are well written and easy to follow.
I do think a fresh vegetable side is needed with the meals.
We had fresh raspberries and strawberries with each meal this week.
Once we are out of berry season I will probably add a green salad.
A great thing about Blue Apron is you know in advance what you will be receiving each week and you have the "limited" ability to change what meals you will be getting.
You are also able to decide what weeks you want to receive your meals.
Since I am on the road some weeks and I know Jim won't take the time to prepare the meals we can not have deliveries those weeks without any penalties.
We are looking forward to another tasty week.