Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ravelympics is for the knitting and crochet world held during the Olympics. You start your project(s) February 12 at the opening ceremony and finish February 28 at the conclusion of the Olympics. For this you win a virtual award. Since I still have connections in Texas and California I am competing in two groups. Murphy's sweater is in the Bobsled event for all things pet related. I am making the Everyday Turtleneck in Kureyon from the book "Knitting for Dogs". I plan on entering another event for team YE, might be a WIP as I still have time for more. For team Yarn Sac Near and Far I have entered the Sweaterboard event and am making a sweater for Jim. The pattern is called Ludo from Elsebeth Lavold "Designer's Choice" Book Eleven. The back is finished and now I am moving on to the front. I think I have set a comfortable pace for myself and should finish the event in plenty of time.
I do think there needs to be an event for actually putting together your knitted garment. This is an event I would tend to fail. I am mustering forward and plan on getting the sweater sewn together when the pieces are all done.

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