Saturday, January 14, 2012


I love all the colors in Fair Isle knitting.  Last February I took a class with Ann Bourgeois of Philosopher's Wool.  Time got away from me and just recently I have finally started using the techniques she taught us to knit two handed.

Here is the latest beret I finished using Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.  The pattern I used was Beezy's Traditional Tam Beret by Beezy Abbott.

I'm really not sure who I will gift this hat to since I don't wear hats but I had fun knitting it.
 And on a bigger note I also finished the Curlicue Coverlet .  I started this afghan back in September 2010 and it has been languishing waiting to be finished in an amoire.  The finished size is 60" across and great  for keeping warm lately in our 30 degree and below mornings.

Upon comparing the two projects you might notice I favor a certain color palette.

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  1. I tend to favor certain colors too. I have to consciously make sure I don't choose yet another purple or red skein of yarn..but sometimes, the color wins out!

    The tam is beautiful! I need to learn two-handed knitting. The coverlet is really pretty too...did you make it to go with your decor?