Saturday, January 26, 2013

Map of California Kinda

This map is for those of you not native to California and still learning where everything is located in the state.  I am one of those still trying to figure out what is where and this really is a good representation although not perfect.  Many parts of the state I'm still trying to visit but we go regularly to where the "wine snobs" are located.  I also think this could be labeled" happy and tipsy".  Lots of Texans visit and are welcome here.

Not really sure what the label "Texas" means towards the southern part of California but I will be researching and letting you know.

Ask my children, we always stop at In-N-Out Burgers after they land in California  and they say they don't taste the same in Texas.

Where else do you have a city where "You Only Live Once", Yolo?

Hagen and I visited Gilroy, the garlic part of the state this past summer and also Berkeley where the "hippies" are represented.

One of the greatest things about California is the diversity of the state and Jim and I look forward to checking out all that it has to offer.  If  you want to come along for the ride we welcome you.

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