Thursday, December 11, 2014

Car Knitting

I am in the car driving quite a bit.  Some of my driving is on the highway, other times it is in town, stop and go.  I generally like to keep a simple wash cloth knitting project as my companion on the road.  Stop lights are great opportunities to get a little knitting done and I've also found myself stopped in the mountains as they are working on the roads.  Might as well accomplish something.
While knitting a vanilla sock is easy I've found it not conducive to knitting on the road.  It's not as easy to put down and pick up as a wash cloth is as a wash cloth is knitted on larger needles.
 This year the yarn of choice has been Bernat Handicrafter Holidays in red.  It's a cotton yarn with a metallic filament. Yes, that means it sparkles!
I make these wash cloths to give as gifts.  They are great stocking stuffers for my children who like them and use them.
I knit the basic wash cloth pattern starting with 4 stitches and increasing to 60 stitches and then start the decreases. 
I can knit without looking at my work and keep my eyes on the road ready to move.
You will notice the bottom wash cloth is orange.  That was some cotton yarn I picked up at Tuesday Morning.  My son goes to the University of Texas in Austin.  Need I say more.
This week I am packing up the Christmas packages to be mailed and will be including these sparkly cloths. 
 And just an FYI:  I do not knit while my vehicle is moving. That would be akin to talking or texting.

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