Monday, June 22, 2015

A Drop (Or Two) In The Bucket

As I am sure most people are aware the state of California is currently going through a major drought.

I was in Texas last month for the marriage of my beautiful daughter  Rachel to the very handsome Brad.

It was a lovely wedding!
And during that time there was storm after storm with flooding all over the state of Texas and I had wished there had been some way to send some of that water west.
Wanting to do our part Jim and I recently started taking showers with a bucket to catch the water
being sprayed as the water from the shower head warms up.

The recycled bucket has really added to the décor of our bathroom.
I have been using this water to keeps my potted plants in the back yard hydrated.

So far there has not been any adverse affects from this shower water as we are not trying to reclaim any water with soap and shampoo.
We seem to be collecting about 3 gallons of water a day between our two showers.
Today I learned  that I need to empty the bucket everyday otherwise it gets HEAVY
carrying it downstairs.
Keep your eyes peeled for any news stories about a crazy woman falling down her stairs while doing her part trying to not waste water.


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