Monday, April 11, 2016


When I lived in Texas and was schlepping  children (I enjoyed EVERY minute. It really is a great time to visit with your children and catch up on their day. They are a captured audience.) to here and there I drove a Chevy Suburban. The vehicle of choice when having more then one child and in Texas.
I drove four wheel drive Chevy Suburbans.  We had horses and it was wonderful hauling a bale of hay, feed or tack for a show.  I could also transport up to six children where ever was needed.
Towards the end of the time I lived in Texas I was down to one child who needed a driver.
During that time there was a natural gas boom and I was able to profit selling the natural gas rights to property I owned.
I bought a car.
A very impracticable car.
A two seater convertible 2008 Chrysler Crossfire in red.
The very last year they were made.

It is VERY cute.
It bugged the salesman I didn't care to drive it fast, I liked it for its cuteness.
Very impracticable. 

I have loved driving it here in California.  We have the BEST convertible weather.  Jim not so much.  He is not able to put the seat back far enough so his foot does not fall asleep but it's not his car and he doesn't drive it on a daily basis.
Anyway, today I received a recall notice on the airbags.
Apparently my airbag "might"
 be defective.
But there are no parts to fix it at this time.
Basically they are saying my cute car that I love to drive should stay in the driveway until it can be fixed.
Not happening.
I wonder how long they want to give me a rental before the parts come in.
I'm sure they really don't want anything to happen to me out there on the road.
I think it would have been smarter to announce the recall when they actually had parts to fix the problem because I don't see a positive in announcing it early.


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