Saturday, June 3, 2017

Just call me Leslie

With a name like mine I get called a lot of variations.
 On my birth certificate it is Johanna Maria Petronella  Vrinds.
I was named after my Dutch father's mother.
I have been called Annemieke by my family and friends all my life.
Or Miek by a select few.
This past week I needed an oil change and so I went to the local automotive center that has been servicing our cars for the last several years.
After my oil change yesterday I noticed I was leaving oil spots behind at the few places I stopped.
I also put some paper under my car when I got home to check.
Yes, I was leaking oil.
This morning I went back in to the automotive center to share it seemed I was leaking oil.
The gentleman that owns the business decided my name was Leslie.
I'm really not sure why.
And I decided it was easier to answer to Leslie then try and correct him and get him to call me Annemieke.
So I now answer to Leslie.
And my car is no longer leaking oil.


  1. Yes, sometimes it is just better to 'go with the flow' .... but not the oil leak!!!