Friday, July 17, 2009

Andamento Lament

I was really going gang busters with this sock thinking I would get it right although I was frustrated early on. I am on gauge and assuming everything is great. But remember what you learned about assume? The pattern has a chart for the size 10+ size which I am using but lo and behold when we get to the finished toe the size is not for a 10+. The finished size for a 10+ is 10 1/4. Not actually what I achieved on gauge. Granted I didn't get a row gauge so who know's who is off. Needless to say I am happy this is not the first sock I finished from my Knit Purl sock club because I would be very disenchanted. Other socks I have finished have been wonderful. On the same token this was the first of the sock club with errata which was never formally addressed. This sock is now about to become a cowl or shawl of some sort.

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