Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On a Happier Note

Jim and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary today, so I cooked. We started with some boiled shrimp and a spicy cocktail sauce, the recipe from the Barefoot Contessa. For the toast we shared a bottle of Mumm DMV 2001 champagne. We followed with a Caesar salad. The entree was grilled salmon with a crispy risotto cake in a Cabernet sauvignon sauce. I got that recipe from a new cookbook I got in Napa the other week entitled "Decanting Napa Valley - The Cookbook". To drink with our dinner we had a 1999 Napa Valley Silver Oak. While tasty it was not off the charts.
The greatest thing being married to Jim is the fact I can be me. He is a wonderful man and I love him with all my heart!! I hope to drive him crazy for many more years to come.


  1. Congratulations Annemieke and Jim! Wishing you two many more happy years together!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    ...and, ahem, Mumm DMV??? Lol - DVX!! Don't drink and drive...or take your hootch to the Dept of Motor Vehicles. ;)

  3. I guess I still had the DMV on my mind since I finally took the test for my drivers license Tuesday.