Monday, November 8, 2010

Fingerless Gloves

I got to wear my new Cabled Fingerless Mitts by Lazychick Designs today when Jake and I went for our walk. One of the goodies I received at the knitting guild retreat was a skein of Noro Kuryeon and I needed some gloves for our cold morning walks. The pattern called for 120 yds and I had 110 yds. These mitts are knitted from the wrist down and my thought was to eliminate one eight round section of the cable pattern so I did two cable repeats instead of three before starting the gusset.When I began knitting the second mitt it became rather obvious that the mitts were not even going to look close to coming from the same skein and I really wanted my fingers to be covered more so I did two cable pattern repeats instead of one after I was finished with the thumb gusset which meant I needed more yarn. I had some left over Kuryeon from Murphy's sweater so the thumbs are from a different skein but yes folks the body of the mitts are from the same skein. Ah, the beauty and aggravation of Noro.
They did keep my hands warm.


  1. Yeah, baby! Look like me when I dress in the dark. hahahahahahahaha