Wednesday, November 24, 2010


According to family lore my parents came to this country with my sister Jacqueline from Holland via England the day before Thanksgiving. Their neighbors in their apartment complex in San Francisco invited them for Thanksgiving dinner. The repast was amazing and my mother continued to create the dinner forward including inviting any lost sole that had no family to celebrate with in the area.

My favorite Thanksgiving was the Thanksgiving we spent celebrating my mother's 70th birthday. I was just finalizing my divorce and my two sisters, their husband's, children and mine along with my mother boarded a cruise ship out of Galveston for a week. It was the most give and take wonderful week.
And life goes on and lives get scatter and now I am giving recipe advice to my girls. Life is good and I am blessed with a loving husband and three children that check in with their mother as their lives ebb and turn. All is well with the world!! Happy Thanksgiving to all that have touched my life in the past year and made it better and to all that have been in my life watching over me.

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