Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Family Member

Now that Rachel is settled in an apartment the plan is to send Murphy back to Texas.

Clearly I needed a replacement.

Meet our newest family member.
This is Millie.

 I don't know how it happens because I don't mean to do it but I've managed to name another one of our animals starting with the letter "M".  She is actually named after Jim's middle name Miller.
 She likes to play ball.
 The guess is she will become a dark sable brown although she is more black right now.  This is one of her favorite positions.  I love her white tipped back feet.
 She is a registered shih tzu and she should be less then 8 pounds when she becomes an adult.
Nose to nose.

As for the rest of the dogs, Mei Ling doesn't care, Jake who she loves to follow is tolerant and Murphy is jealous.

I'm not sure I'm ready to have a baby in the house.  She really didn't like the idea of spending the night in her crate by herself.  Yes,she ended up in bed with us last night and yes, I was up early this morning because she was ready to play. 

I see a lot less sleep in the next few weeks for myself but she is a cutie!!!


  1. Good luck getting that precious baby to sleep in a crate now. She is adorable!

  2. She is absolutely adorable!! We have a 75% shih tzu and we love her so much. You will enjoy this baby...just hope jealousy is not too bad for all :o)

  3. Cute! Cute enough to loose some sleep over!