Monday, August 22, 2011


Murphy came to live with us seven years ago.  He is Rachel's baby.   I was not working at the time but he would spend the day in his crate until Rachel came home so he would bond with her and bond with her he did.  I was chopped liver the minute she was home from school.  When she started college at UNT, the moment he heard her car on the weekends he was waiting at the door for her so it was very hard when Jim and I moved to California. Rachel was living in the dorm and Murphy couldn't live with her so Dru Ann and I drove him, Mei Ling and THE WINE to California.  He adjusted to California life and loved hanging outside in the backyard and not having to worry about leashes - in Arlington we would have to take him out front to do his business.

Kelsey left Saturday after spending a week with us and  flew back to Texas with Murphy to reunite him with Rachel.  We're going to miss him around here.  At six o'clock each morning I will miss having him climb into bed with us, getting under the covers, and I will miss not having him dance when he is ready to eat but I am so glad he is able to live with Rachel.  Mia, Hagen's cat, is also a resident of Rachel's apartment as we were worried Murphy would be lonely and he and Mia used to enjoy hanging out.
He looks happy to me.

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