Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Tonight was the official dinner of the birthday.  I wanted to try something new so we had a reservation at the Village Bistro in Fair Oaks. Our  reservation was at 7:30 p.m. and we were the last to enter to a half empty small restaurant.  Our count was about a 36 seating capacity.  It was reviewed February 27 in the Sacramento Bee with favorable accolades.  Apparently it was either an off night or my taste buds are not the same as Blair Anthony Robertson.  We started our dinner sharing the date nut ramaki- dates stuffed with walnuts wrapped in bacon- served hot these probably would have been delicious- room temperature they were just okay.

Following the appetizer was the salad. Jim had the valley salad which was tasty.  I had the dinner salad that was included with my entree.  Skip the dinner salad, some mixed greens with bits of tomato with the house dressing and pay the extra for the Valley salad.  Jim chose the beef Stroganoff and I chose the veal canelloni.  Both got a nod from the restaurant review.  While Jim said the Stroganoff was good my canelloni was just okay. One, the food was just lukewarm and it seemed to miss much in the way of flavor. Plus not sure why I had potatoes and a carrot salad on my plate along with green beans and the canelloni.  There was plenty of food on the plate I'm just not sure how they worked together. The hit of the evening was the wine - a bottle of Revana Wine Cabernet Sauvignon 2008.  This we brought with us.

I was really bummed the food tonight was not better.  I had hoped to find a restaurant around the corner from us to frequent.  We are still looking.

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