Monday, March 26, 2012


I have a new favorite fruit. 

When we were at the farmers market in San Francisco last week we saw these.  I asked what they tasted like and we were given a sample.
The best description I can come up with for the flavor is a mix of pear, papaya and banana.  The flesh is very smooth and creamy which I scooped out with a spoon.  They are ready to eat when the outside gives like that of a ripe avocado.

I did find out while watching an episode of Chopped that the seeds are poisonous.  That would have been nice of the vendor to share although I hadn't eaten one.  They are a bit pricey - these were $6.00 a pound and I paid $7.00 for the two but I do think they are a very tasty treat.   My plan is to check out our local farmers market Saturday and see if anyone is selling them here. 

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