Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whitewater Rafting

Hagen came to visit last week and since he was only going to be here for two weeks I took the time off from work so we spend time together. 

We've been kayaking at Lake of the Pines.  We've been to a Sacramento River Cats baseball game.  They lost but the fireworks afterwards was spectacular.  We've also been knitting.  He goes for the food.  Yesterday we went whitewater rafting.  It was a BLAST!!!!

Paddling through Satan's Cesspool
 Hagen and I took a 45 minute drive from the house to Coloma to start our South Fork American River - Gorge Run.  We got on the water a little after 10:00 heading for some easy rapids.  We stopped mid-day for lunch and then we headed out for the more exciting rapids.  And boy were they exciting.   My only regret was not bringing along a waterproof camera.  There were two spots set up with photographers which is where the above was taken but it would have been nice to have other pictures along the way. 

We took our 1-day trip with Adventure Connection.  We had a great time and our guide Grady was very easy going but gave us good directions and I would highly recommend this company.

I'm game for another trip if anyone is interested.

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