Saturday, May 4, 2013

Job Hunting

Last August the yarn shop that I had been working at part time closed.  The owner decided it was time to retire and no one stepped up to buy the shop.  Since then I've been on the lookout for a new job.  Yes, I know the job market is competitive and I also know creative jobs are hard to come by.  After sending out countless resumes and taking online profile tests - apply to Michael's and see what hoops you have to jump through-I have gotten use to not getting a response back.  Recently I applied for a job in Washington to be the general manager of a store where I thought we were the perfect match, former yarn shop owner, quilter and general crafter for a creative mercantile .  Yes, I said Washington.  Jim was on broad.  I had a phone interview and was told there would be a decision in the next two weeks.  That was back in March.  I haven't heard back.   Yes, I am bummed I didn't get the job but what makes me a little more crazy is the fact of the lack of courtesy these days in the job market.  A simple" thank you but we've found  someone  that is a better match" would have been nice. 

What has happened in this world that we can't take a moment for simple courtesies? 
Maybe it's a southern thing.
Thank you for reading my rant.  


  1. Same problem here too Annemieke I just think it is a generation thing. A simple yes or no not suitable would be so much nicer than hanging on waiting for that call which never comes

  2. You are a 100 percent correct. If they interview you, you should at least get t note, something, that says sorry but we filled the position. I walked away from 2nd interviews that were super positive and I actually called them back because I never heard from them. And they were surprised that I wanted to know.
    I have always appreciated southern manners, and when Tom worked to Texas Instruments you better believe us two notherners toed the line when it came to etiquette. I think society in general is very rude.
    Sorry about not getting something that seemed marvelous. And Jim was OK is great.