Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I've Joined A Support Group

Last April 2013 I began my journey in creating my version of the  Dear Jane quilt.  Not including the border there are a total of 169 different 4.5" finished blocks. I decided to use purple batik or batik like fabric and white.  I have been working on this off and on throughout the past year finishing 24 blocks by December. 
Lo and behold one of my local quilt shops, Quilters Corner, decided to offer a class/support group for those interested in creating the Dear Jane quilt.  Each month we will be given four patterns and instruction.  Of course if you are doing the math this means in a little over 42 months or 3 1/2 years the blocks will be done.  I am going on record to say I hope to have my blocks all done before then.
  Just so you know there are another 112 border triangles. 
This is not a quilt for the faint of heart.
I signed up.  I might have encouraged someone else to sign up also because it's always better to drag encourage others to join your madness adventures.
This past Saturday was our first meet up.  The majority of the class were newbies to the Dear Jane phenomenon but there were several of us already slipping down the slope of Dear Jane fun.
I did learn a few things.
I have been putting a 1/2 inch border around each block.  Turns out the sashing is 1/2 inch between each block.
For now I am going to leave the borders and wait until all the blocks are done before removing any extra sashing.
I also found out there are rulers made especially for completing your Dear Jane blocks.  I'm somewhat frustrated by these rulers but since I am on the beginning end of the learning curve I do hope to make these welcome tools for creating my blocks.
Since Saturday I have created six more blocks.

This is going to be a long journey.

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  1. 169 !!! Wow. The sheer number gives me chills…. However. Knowing your tenacity, it will be done. :-) Try to have fun along the way. ;-)

    Y. of the north