Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Letting Off Some Steam

My question to you - how hard is it to say hello when someone says hello to you?
In the mornings I try and walk the outside sidewalks of my neighborhood.  The path I take is just around 2.5 miles.  There are regulars and there also are people you see occasionally.  I say hello to all and generally they say hello back. 
Just wondering why everyone doesn't say hello. 
  I'm walking by myself listening to my book. 
Just passing by. 
 Not trying to sell anything.  
Just walking.
Lately in the evenings we have been taking the dogs out for a walk.  
This evening we moved over to let a couple with two strollers pass and said hello. 
No response. 
So I said out loud "Maybe not".
Jim gave me crap for being rude. 
How hard is it a simple hello as you pass by?


  1. Well, I think it is VERY odd that they didn't speak to you, especially since you moved out of their way. I wonder if people are so used to interacting with others over the computer where there IS no real interaction and a response is not really required. ODD.


  2. I don't know...I get this all the time too when I am out on a walk. It doesn't matter where I am. Even a smile, a head nod - any acknowledgement that I just spoke to a person would be nice...

    P.S. You weren't being rude...that couple was.

  3. Sometimes it's hard to say, "hello." Maybe the stinky diapers needed changing and the parents were holding their breath. Or maybe they were arguing. Or maybe they didn't hear you or are just plain rude. They missed out on a nice "hello" from you.