Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh No!!

As a knitter we have this belief if you knit faster you won't run out of yarn.
Doesn't really work but we are always hopeful.
In my case I managed to finish the foot of my sock before running out of yarn.
I had actually anticipated this happening as I weighed my sock yarn after finishing the first sock and found I only had 48 grams left.
 ( I really need to start weighing the skeins before I start to see what the actual weight of my skein when starting a project.)
  Being a supposed 100 gram skein I knew I was screwed.
Being the optimist I still could only hope.
Yes I could make the toe a different color but I thought it would be nice to match the original yarn.
I bought this skein of Plymouth Neon Now sock yarn while in Eureka, CA so I didn't know if I could find some more locally.
Fortunately, Babetta's which is just around the corner from me had some.
I am such a happy camper as Jim mentioned he really liked this yarn and the color and was interested in maybe some golf socks which I now have plenty to make him a pair.
I wouldn't want to waste such great neon colored yarn!

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  1. glad I am not the only person that knits fast when it appears I might run out of yarn - too funny