Friday, August 15, 2014

Thread Spool

Why is it that when ever I empty a spool of thread I feel a sense of accomplishment?
Years ago I use to save the empty spools and one day Kelsey's fourth grade class teacher ask for empty spools of thread for a project and Kelsey got extra credit and then some.

I emptied this spool of black working on an Abbey Lane Quilts Beatle Bag
 I fell in love with this bag when I saw it at market in October 2013 in Houston.
This is the second Beatle Bag I've made so I am on the higher end of the learning curve.
One thing I did differently this time is instead of using soft and stable for the inner pockets I used Décor Bond.
The pattern does come with the plastic inserts and more inserts can be purchased for multiple bags.
The next Beatle Bag is going to be for ME!!
Just need to figure out what fabric I want.
Do you think there is purple involved?

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  1. Are you using this for knitting supplies? Love the mod fabric and all of the compartments.