Saturday, October 18, 2014


One thing I always have on the needles is socks.
One at a time, cuff down, some vanilla some not.
For myself or Jim I will splurge and buy yarn from an indie dyer.
Cold water wash and hang dry.
For the man-child and fiancée's I prefer to buy yarn I know can be thrown in the washing machine and abused.
There has been a recent kirfluffle about the Regia Flormania sock yarn bleeding.
This was yarn I made socks for myself.
This is yarn mass produced and I had thought to be colorfast.
  I also have made socks for the man-child using Plymouth Neon Now.
I listen to the podcast The Knitmoregirls on a regular basis  and recently they have been addressing the issue of sock yarn losing color.
One thing that has been shared is how to preserve the colorfastness of your yarn.
And so I have taken the steps to ensure that my socks and the man -childs will be preserved.

He might not notice but I will.

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