Monday, June 22, 2009

Mei Ling's New Sweater

A few weeks ago, as most of you know, we took the dogs and wine to California. The weather in Sacramento was wonderful and in the evenings it would get chilly. Both Dru Ann, yes even her, and I wore sweatshirts. Mei Ling has been losing her hair and does not have quite the coat she should for a shih tzu so she would wake me up shivering at night. We made a trip into downtown Sac and decided to check out Rumplestileskin's where we found a wonderful book, Simple Gifts for Dog Lovers by Catherine Tough and washable yarn to make her a sweater.

I finally have pictures to post of her in her sweater which she is still wearing at night and in the morning.


  1. Love Mei Ling's sweater. Hope you are really enjoying Sacramento. Chilly sounds downright good from here.

    Ummmm, we really miss you!