Monday, June 29, 2009

Selling Your House

Why is it we fix up our houses to sell? Don't we deserve to live in a house that is ready to be bought? Four and a half years ago when I bought my house the inspector put fluorescent tags on lots of the switch plates and electrical sockets showing they were loose or with a ? mark as to what it turned on. Now that the house is on the market I am finally taking the tags off.
Why did I wait so long?
When I bought the house the kids bathroom upstairs was painted a lovely dirty yellow color. Three weeks ago I painted it a nice cream with white trim.
Why did I wait so long?
I think we all need to look at our homes and say "If I put my home on the market tomorrow what would I fix?" Then go out and fix it now. Enjoy your homes the way they should be and not let the next person have a house you wish you had!!
I will now get off my soap box and go back to knitting.

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