Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some More FO's

I've been finishing a few small things lately. This is called Bird's Nest Smoke Ring by Shui Kuen Kozinski. It is a free download from If you remember a few posts back I wasn't really happy how my Andamento Socks were turning out so I frogged them. This is what the yarn became. I was very happy how it turned out. We just need a little more nip in the air I can start wearing it.

This is the July installment from my Knit Purl sock club. The name of the pattern is called Tessuto by Sara Morris and the yarn color is Saturday Market dyed by Knitted Wit. This was my first pair of toe up socks on two circular needles and I enjoyed making them. The pattern called for the Turkish cast on which was easy to do and made for a seamless toe. I did have some issues with the short row heel. Jean talked me through it over the phone (I was in California and she was in Texas at the time) but she also said she learned a new Japanese method of short row heel that she couldn't really explain over the phone so I hope to meet with her soon and learn it.
The second year for the Knit Purl sock club will be starting in September. I think I did pretty well this year and finished (used) four out of the six yarns. Two of the yarns are already packed and I'll wait to do those in California. I'm looking forward to another year of wonderful sock yarn and original patterns from them. And the tussie is always a fun treat. My goal this year is to try and finish each pair before the next one shows up. We shall see!!

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