Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving -this day has many connotations for me. My parents immigrated from Holland to England to San Francisco. From all the stories, they came to San Francisco the weekend of Thanksgiving. Being from Holland they had no understanding of what Thanksgiving was but were invited to celebrate the holiday with neighbors. From that day on Thanksgiving dinner has always been a celebration in my family. From year to year you never knew who would be at dinner but there were always extras. For my mother's 7oth birthday we decided to go on a cruise for Thanksgiving - her birthday is December 1. I will say this was probably the end of the family Thanksgiving holiday for our family. I was getting a divorce, mother was dealing with cancer and everyone seemed to be moving on. This was a wonderful time but time moves on and things change.

This year Jim and I are by ourselves . Next year I hope to find people to share the holiday with us. I am in a new land and need to learn how to negotiate it.

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  1. New traditions are wonderful, though it can sometimes make one homesick for times past. Though, change is inevitable.