Thursday, November 5, 2009

We have landed.......

In California.

Last Wednesday my car was picked up for transport and the packers came. For some reason I thought the packers would be women. I had mixed feelings about men packing my panties and bras but Jim does like Victoria's Secret so no granny panties in the drawers. Friday the movers came and loaded up the truck. It is truly amazing how they pack the truck to use every bit of space.

To squeeze a little fun into our last weekend in Texas we were invited with the Millers to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters 50th anniversary on the 50 at the new Cowboy Stadium on Friday night. We got to check out the locker room and the dinner and auction were out on the field. We had a great time and it was fun seeing the new stadium. The screen hanging down from the ceiling is huge.

Saturday we had a crisis as Hagen, Kelsey and Mia showed up at the house. Apparently their dad decided that Mia, the eight year old indoor cat, was going to now become an outdoor cat. I had a fleeting moment of bringing the cat to California but really didn't want to as I am allergic to her. She is now residing with Kelsey's boyfriend so Hagen will still get to visit her.

Sunday we headed to the airport. Getting Jake on the flight went smoothly and he didn't seem traumatized when he got to California. Sacramento airport has an area to let your pet out to do their business which we checked out with Jake and then back in the crate for the ride home. The little dogs were happy to see us and get out of dog prison which is what Jim calls the boarding facility.

My car came Monday and Tuesday all the furniture and boxes showed up. Lots of boxes!!!!! 179 to be exact. Now I get to open them and find places to put everything.

And as a final note I would strongly discourage anyone moving to a new time zone in the West to make the move the weekend of daylight savings time. Rather then my body adjusting to a two hour change I am dealing with a three hour change.


  1. Wow! What an ordeal! Glad you made it safely to your new home.

  2. You are already missed. But I am very glad you are safely there, and on the way to getting everything settled. Have fun nesting in the new house!