Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Beginnings

As I go out and about I also am cognizant of my background in retail and the fact I have owned a yarn shop. One of the goals we had at the shop was to say hello to everyone as they came in and if not, at least acknowledge the person's presence while they were in the shop. This week I went to visit one of the shops I was hoping to make my home and was again not recognized for even being there. The previous week I had gone in hoping to find some yarn for a baby blanket and couldn't find enough of a color I needed and left without a hello, goodbye, can we help you find something, although I was there at least a half hour. This week I went in looking for some yarn for a scarf for my mother-in-law. I did find some yarn without the help of anyone, including the owner who was busy chatting with the regulars. Even at check out, while paying $50 dollars for my yarn the only acknowledgement I received was getting to pay the bill. Needless to say I am somewhat disappointed in the shop and will probably be looking elsewhere to spend my money and time.


  1. I'm telling you, you guys were the rare, real deal.

  2. And I totally have to agree with the last post!! The only guys in town that were rare and the real deal and we sure do miss that!!!

  3. Hm. Sorry you are dissapointed in the new shop. I am not trying to guess where it was, but I am at Filati Yarns in Rovklin almost every Saturday and I really love it there. If you haven't yet, give them a try. Also, big sale after Christmas!