Friday, December 4, 2009

Out and About

I must confess that Wednesday I had put gas in my car for the first time since moving from Texas to California. We are talking a 13 gallon tank. Obviously I not getting out into the world. It is hard to meet people if you don't venture out.

I do say I have felt some what hampered by the fact Jim has been sick. The Saturday before Thanksgiving he wasn't feeling well and ended up with the Flu. What kind we're not sure. After dealing with it for a week we went to the doctor on Monday as things did not seem to be getting any better and he now has pneumonia. I am the mother of three children and use to dealing with their illnesses. Children are much easier to deal with than adults.

I needed to add some sanity to my life so Tuesday evening I went to the Foothills Folsom Knitters. What a lovely bunch of ladies and I look forward to meeting with them again.

Wednesday to get out of the house I set out for Auburn Needleworks. I am working on a needlepoint canvas for a Christmas gift and I ran out of fiber. Amazingly enough there is no needlepoint shop in Sacramento. Auburn Needleworks is both a needlepoint shop and yarn shop. And wonderful a shop it is. I got the fiber I needed to complete my canvas and also yarn for a baby blanket that I need to make for my niece.
Tuesdays the needlepointers hang out at the shop and Friday's the knitters hang out. What a wonderful place to be!!


  1. Yay! It sounds like you've found some very promising groups, and I am so happy for you. :)
    I hope Jim feels better soon...for your sake, too! ;)

  2. I am glad you joined our Folsom Knitting Group. Hope to meet you there soon. I have been sisck myself and have missed the last 3 weeks, not a habbit of mine. I am hoping to be there tomorrow, but it will depend how my dr visit goes.
    The Shop in Auburn IS really nice. I love all her colors!