Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Celebrate Your Four Year Wedding Anniversary

1. Come home from work to a glass of 2004 Merus Cabernet Sauvignon - bought in Napa during our
2. Caesar salad and an order of mussels at Il Forno Classico
3. Wine tasting from the Krupp Brothers
    Black Bart's Bounty, Chardonnay '07
    The Doctor, Red Wine Stagecoach '06
    Veraison, Cabernet, Napa Valley '06
    Krupp Bros., Cabernet, Stagecoach, '06
         Buy a bottle of Krupp Brothers Cabernet, Stagecoach '06 for future consumption
4. Pistachio yogurt with heath bars from Yogurt Monkey
5. Toast the evening with Mumm DVX 200l

The best thing of the evening is the wonderful, patient and unbelievable man I got to celebrate my wedding anniversary with - Jim. I can't believe what a lucky woman I am.