Monday, March 7, 2011

Joseph Phelps Tasting Seminar

Kelsey and I headed out to the wine country today as part of my birthday week celebration. Jim, unfortunately, had to work.   On our agenda was a tasting seminar at Joseph Phelps Vineyards which covered oak barrels and  their effects on the taste of wine. Mathew was our host and Kelsey and I were the only attendees so we got to really get some one on one attention.   
This is the lineup of glasses we worked our way through.

We discussed and tasted how the origin of the oak changes the flavor of the wine - American versus French, new oak versus neutral oak and how the level of toasting also imparts different levels of flavor.  We got a lesson on how the glass affects the taste of the wine. I think we all have been drinking our chardonnay in the wrong glass. He talked about the release of esters when you swirl your glass which according to Kelsey she also learned about in organic chemistry.  This old art major is now learning a little science..   

Sheep working the land at Joseph Phelps

A very informative seminar I would highly recommend. Just giving you fair warning, when you hear me slurping my wine I am actually just aerating it in my mouth so I can get a fuller flavor profile.

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  1. What a way to kick off your birthday and BTW, you can slurp wine in front of me anytime!