Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hey Kelsey

Kelsey's birthday is in September.  I gifted her a quilt last year for her birthday.  Forward another birthday - she got pillows to go on that quilt to match.  And now I can say the quilt top has been quilted. 

I had hoped to machine quilt it myself.  I even got a new Juki sewing machine for my birthday but was somewhat stymied as to what design to quilt.

While visiting Texas in August I went with Dru Ann to one of her favorite quilt shops, The Needle Niche in Athens, Texas.  They have a couple that does long arm quilting for a very reasonable price and I decided that rather then make Kelsey wait probably another year that they would be the best option for getting her quilt finished.

And finished it is.  I mailed the quilt top, washed quilt batting and fabric for the binding to Dru Ann to take it to the Needle Niche to get quilted.  Letting go was hard but I knew it was the only thing I could do.

And here is the finished quilt in all it's finished glory.

I have signed myself up for another class to help me choose a quilt design for my quilt tops.  There is more machine quilting in the horizon.

Thank you to Charles for the pictures!!

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