Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Jim is never quite sure what I'm going to bring home next.
The other day he came home and inquired if we had gotten a cat because he had noticed a bag of cat litter in the garage.
 This was not your ordinary bag of cat litter but litter made from walnut shells.  And no we had not gotten a cat because although I would love one I've become allergic as I age, this walnut litter was to use inside of pincushions.

We recently got fabric precuts of Moda Candy at the store and I found this cute pincushion on their website.  According to the website from one package you can make 6 pincushions. 
 I did a little cutting, stitching and quilting and then was ready to fill my pincushion.
To fill it I used a disposal pastry bag. I did find the process of filling still somewhat messy so I would suggest you do it outside.

And voila.  In under an hour I had created a cute usable pincushion.
For the underside I had used some fabric left over from a quilt I had made for Kelsey a while back.
My favorite part is the twill tape I used which comes from the packaging of Moda's precuts.  I need to see if I can get my quilting friends to save it from now on so I can make more of these pincushions.

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