Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cotton Candy

As if grapes aren't sweet enough they now make a cotton candy varietal.
These grapes are a new hybrid variety that were created using hand-pollination and took eight years to develop.  No worries for those who are concerned about genetic modifications of their food.  The idea behind the creation of this flavor being more children would eat them if they tasted like cotton candy.
Of course I bought them to try out.
 They are priced a dollar more per pound then the regular table grapes at my local grocery store. 
When you bite in to the grape you do get that "hint" of cotton candy flavor but once you start eating the skin that flavor gets lost and to me I was eating a green grape.  You could of course peel your grapes but that's a bit much for me.
Still they are delicious as I do like my grapes either in a bottle or fresh from the vine.

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