Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lesson Learned

Lately I've enjoyed spending my mornings knitting outside appreciating the lovely California weather.  Although we are still hitting the 90's, our days are starting in the 60's and it's not until mid afternoon the weather sends me inside. 
Recently I've been working on a pair of vanilla socks on my favorite dpn's (double point needles) which I think are the Cadillac of needles, my size 0 dpn's from Signature Needle Arts . 
 Unfortunately 0's are no longer made by Signature because they had to be machined differently then the rest of the needles they produce because of their size and were prohibitively expensive to continue making. 

Horror of horrors I unexpectedly drop a needle after finishing a row the other day AND... fell through a seam in the deck. 
Yes I can see it but I don't know how to get it back.
We've tried gum on a stick and very sticky tape.   They are made of stainless steel so a magnet won't work.
Jim actually has made two trips to Home Depot for bits to undo the deck but to no avail.

Maybe I can get Dru Ann to bring Pachelbel when she visits to go under the deck although we'd have to figure out a reason she wants to retrieve my needle.
(Really just coming up with an excuse for her to bring Pachelbel.)
I am now knitting with needles that can easily be replaced if I should drop them and they disappear when I am outside knitting on the deck

Who knew?


  1. One fine day at friday knitting group, Nina let me borrow one of her signature needles. I knit a row of my sock with it. What a pleasure! I held up my sock to her and said, "Oh dear Nina, your needle is stuck in my sock!" …. like I wasn't going to be able to give it back to her. :-)

    We had a good laugh.

    Though I too use size 0 for most of my sock knitting, so Signatures aren't really going to work for me.

    I'm SO sorry about your needle being stuck.

    What about a piece of cardboard slipped alongside one end between the crack to lift out one tip of the needle???

    If that doesn't work...

    This is an emergency. Call the firemen! (Take photos if they come to your rescue.)

  2. I once lost a DPN on an airplane and thought, thank dog that was not one of my Signatures. I only take circulars on airplanes now. Lesson learned. Oh, and I'm careful around American Knitter. Nina

  3. I can't believe it!! How awful, I cherish my favorite needles. Where there is a will there is a way. At least I hope so for your sake. Somebody will come up with something, although I like American Knitter's idea of fireman. How about a wire loop? There are a lot of skinny wires out there.
    I lost one in a chair and there is no way for it to reappear, we tried.
    Good Luck!