Monday, September 16, 2013

Coffee Anyone

Jim and I were in Calistoga, California a few weeks ago and stayed at a phenomenal bed and breakfast, Luxe Calistoga.

Brent and Chris are wonderful hosts and their attention to detail are extraordinary.

It is a bed and breakfast and the food that chef Josh prepares for said breakfast is wonderful.
The one thing I can confidently replicate at home is the French press coffee that was served.
My one disappointment with French press coffee in the past has always been it cools off so quickly in the normal glass carafe.
Luxe uses Frieling insulated coffee pots and I am happy to report we are now proud owners of a Frieling french press coffee pot.

Oh happy days!


1 comment:

  1. You got those purple mugs just to tease L. didn't you?

    Admit it.

    You'll feel better once you've told the truth…..


    Did you go to the candy store in Calistoga? They have those old hard candies with peanut butter inside… oh my!