Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Farm To Fork

Saturday, Jim, Dru Ann and I attended the Farm-to-Fork Festival at the Capitol Mall in downtown Sacramento.  The festival was part of a week long celebration promoting Sacramento's title as the "Farm-to-Fork Capital of America".

According to Farmtoforkcapital.com the festival featured a little bit of everything. "From local chefs, farmers and other food producers to food trucks, animal displays, a kids’ zone and live music, festival goers can expect to learn about food from its source to the plate."
I had hoped to visit with the local farmers and their produce.  Unfortunately many of the booths were actually the middlemen between farmers and retail.  One booth we stopped to visit featured several varieties of pears but neither of the gentlemen manning the booth could answer our question of how to know when your pears are ripe and ready to eat.
We did managed to come across a few interesting finds.
While I have eaten endive I was not aware of how it is grown.
California Endive Company is the major American grower of endive. 
"Chicory seeds are sown in the spring producing a root the size of a large carrot by fall. Those roots are harvested from the field and then placed in dark, humid, “forcing” rooms to produce endives. Yes, endive is actually the second growth of a chicory root!"
We also bought two Mexican avocados.
These were black, smooth and thin skinned.
Their flavor is much milder then a Haas avocado.

And the pit is much larger.
Last but not least I came home with a chayote squash.
I am told this squash is commonly used in Mexican and Caribbean cuisine but I have yet to do anything with it.
I'm taking suggestions.
I only came home with one.

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