Sunday, April 10, 2011


When we bought our current home we retained the services of the gentleman that took care of the pool.  His name is Fernando.  Jim was not familiar with taking care of a pool and I was still living in Arlington.  Fernando  did a great job taking care of our pool.  When I finally moved out to California I became the caretaker of the pool.  Before we let Fernando go I had him show me how to break down the filter.  In Texas we had a filter that used diatomaceous earth which had to be flushed out every few months and totally cleaned twice a year.  The California filter needs to be broken down just once a year.

I have a love/ hate relationship with our pool.  More hate than love.  Since moving here slightly over a year ago I have been in the pool twice - once involuntarily after which I needed a new ipod.  While it looks lovely, it never gets warm.

Today, after putting it off for several weeks, I finally broke down and took apart the filter.  The pool's been green for a while and chlorine has not really helped much.  I am happy to report all went well although I did have to make a run to Home Depot for a new nozzle for our hose.  While I was there I picked up some basil.  Hopefully it's not to early to plant.  Any how, if you like swimming in really cold water you are welcome to come by for a swim.  And if you're not into swimming you are also welcome.  We have plenty of wine which I will be more than happy to pour.


  1. Cute Annemieke. I don't use the pool at my condo either. And I don't have to care for it!

  2. I've hated cold pools since my bff in high school talked me into joining the swim team. But I'd be happy to SIT by your pool. Can I bring the appetizers?

  3. Pools are "funner" if someone else is taking care of them. I admire that you do your own!

  4. I wish our pool was heated, too. We didn't use it much last year, because it never got really warm enough to have enjoyable swimming.

    Elizabeth Risch