Friday, April 8, 2011

Tonight we had chili for the last time of the season.  I am hoping this is our last cold snap.  It's 45 degrees outside this evening.  I normally make chili from scratch but I wanted to use up my last pack of Cin Chili mix.  I did add diced tomatoes, some diced onion and tonight I added black beans.  Cin Chili is also available in individual packs that can be microwaved which are great if you're a college student.  Along with chili, Jim and I enjoyed some corn bread muffins, a green salad and a bottle of Macchia 2009 Mischievous Zinfandel from Lodi.

We found Cin Chili at one of our visits to Zest Fest in Fort Worth.   Zest Fest is an annual festival of hot sauce, barbecue sauce and other spicy food.  We actually have a system of going through all the booths and then going back through to buy the best of the best.  Rachel likes her hot, hot sauce, Hagen is into spicy raspberry jam and barbecue sauces and Kelsey likes her milder hot sauce.  Over the years we have introduced others to the Zest Fest experience.  Ryan has gone with us, as well as Alex, Hersh, and Brad has become hooked on spicy peach jam. 
This year Zest Fest was moved from September in Fort Worth to January in Irving.  I am proud to say Rachel and Hagen went to represent the family.   Mark it on your calender for next year, January 27 through the 29 at the Irving Convention Center.   

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  1. In Denver, chili season isn't over until about Mother's Day, so I still have time to find some Cin Chili. Sounds like a great dinner!