Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lemon Raspberry Meringue Sponge Cake

My friend Cheryl seems to think I'm somewhat of a pyromaniac.  Could be when I got ready to torch the creme brulee we were having for dessert one evening I pulled out this.

No sissy torch for me.  I get my kitchen propane tanks at the hardware store.  I was really bummed when I moved to California I couldn't move the one I owned.  It was red, taller and thinner and a little easier to handle but this is my new one that Jim has also used for a project outside.  We are a multi-purposing family.
Anyhow, Cheryl sent me a taunt, I mean link recently about this Mother's Day Cake .  The gauntlet was thrown down and I accepted.
Today was the last day of the KAL at the store for the Rose Stole and I decided to treat the ladies.
I made the sponge cake, the lemon curd and layered the cake with the raspberry jam and lemon curd last night.  This morning I made the meringue and decorated the cake.  I didn't really have time to make the roses so I just piped the meringue on top.
The final touch was torching the meringue.

Not necessarily beautiful or evenly torched but VERY tasty.
I ran out of propane.  Could have been because the husband had used it.

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  1. I have been asking for one of those torches for years. Nobody will give me one. Wondering if it's a hint, as I jealously look at yours. That cake sounds delicious!