Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've been needing to go to Napa to pick up our club member shipment from Domaine Carneros -  I know it's a rough life but someone has to do it. I also have been wanting to visit Knitterly in Petaluma which is another 20 minutes west.  Today I wasn't working so off I headed.

First stop was Domaine Carneros.  The weather was gorgeous and I enjoyed a glass of 2007 Vermeil Demi-Sec while knitting on a scarf I was working on for Paul.  The yarn Marion Foale 3 ply is 100% wool. Paul plans on publishing the pattern soon.

Next I headed west to Petaluma to check out Knitterly. What a wonderful shop!!  I told Jim when I got home I wish it was closer so I could hang out there.  It has wonderful cubbie areas and antiques being used to display their yarn.  The ladies working were also friendly and helpful. I got to fondle some yarn that I haven't seen and bought 4 skeins of lace weight Isager 1 100% alpaca .  I'm going to use it for the Tiered Shawl by Two Old Bags.

A few blocks down and around the corner I stopped in at the Petaluma Seed Bank. Charles would be in hog heaven. 
I couldn't resist the zinnias. They're my colors!! The squash is just for fun and I'm looking forward to the tabasco peppers. This heirloom was first introduced into Louisiana in 1848 and is the main ingredient in Tabasco Pepper Sauce. Now maybe I can finally get my spicy in California.

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday.


  1. I would have loved to tag along...Knitterly is one of my favorite shops! Glad you finally made it there!

  2. Knitterly is the shop where my daughter started her knitting classes and obsession. It is a great shop.