Friday, June 14, 2013

Garter Stitch

This week I've been knitting garter stitch.
 Lots and lots of garter stitch.
 Hypnotic amounts of garter stitch.
But it is not for me to share as I am knitting a sample for a friend.
Instead I will share for you what I am listening to -
This book is phenomenal and a tear jerker.  The book introduces you to the history of the orphan trains in the 20's and shares with you a slice of the life of the orphans on the trains.  I knitted, cried and was sad to see the book end. It is very well written and the narrator of the book, I am a listener of, is great.
So if you have a lot of garter knitting or some other mind numbing task I suggest you listen to The Orphan Train by Christine Kline.  It will pass the time quickly.

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