Saturday, June 22, 2013

Never The Right Needles

This week my garter stitch project needed to be finished with some attached I-cord.  The "I" in I- cord stands for "idiot" because I'm an idiot to want to stitch it around an afghan but it finishes it up soooooo nicely.  In making I-cord you use 2 double point needles, dpns.   I started with bamboo U.S. 7's.  They were sticking to the acrylic yarn I was using so I changed to some metal ones I owned.  Along with the fact the needles were longer then I liked, 7 inch, I also didn't like the stitch size I was getting.  I headed to my local yarn shop, lys, for some more dpns as all I had were bamboo.
As seems to be always the case while my lys has lots of different dpns I couldn't get U.S. 4, 5 and 6's in the same style or length. There are differences when knitting with the same size from different companies in different materials but I had a deadline and was in a time crunch. 

 I came home with U.S. 4 HiyaHiya sharps, U.S. 5 Knitter's Pride Nova  and U.S. 6 Knitter's Pride dreamz.     The Knitter's Pride dreamz did the trick and were not sticky to work with.
Thank goodness I  am an experienced knitter because according to the back of the Knitter's Pride Nova "These should be used with all due care as these may cause injury by an untrained/unfamiliar person."
Only trained professionals.
Yes, I'm just knitting.

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