Friday, June 28, 2013

Mystery Socks

The other day I was going through my bin of stashed fingering and lace weight yarn looking for yarn to use to make a scarf I will be knitting to teach a class on adding beads to your knitwear for my local knitting guild.  Lo and behold I came upon a project bag with a sock and a 1/2+  done.

I'm not sure why I put these socks down being that close to finishing them.  I can tell you the yarn is Koigu KPPPM color P727 but I can't tell you the pattern name although I do think they are from the KnitPurl sock club I belonged to a few years back.
Fortunately my index cards with the pattern rows were still in the bag and I can now proudly say they are finished!
Since it is the start of summer and a mere 100+ degrees outside I am happy to be putting these in the sock drawer to wait until the fall to wear them.

 Now off to do some more stash diving to see what else I can finish.




  1. Perhaps I had better go through all of my packing cases yet to be explored to see what I have hidden away.

  2. Pretty socks! I'm glad you found them and finished them. I love surprises like that. :)