Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Original

My knitting guild, The Camellia City Stockinettes has a business meeting the first Thursday of every month and then program night the second Monday of the month.  Program night is generally taught by a member of the guild who would like to share a technique they have learned.  I offered to do the program for this month about adding beads to your knitting.  For me there are two ways to add beads, either stringing them before you begin your knitting or adding them with a crochet hook on the stitch as you knit.

For this class I wanted to design a scarf incorporating both methods.  And so I have designed my first ever original scarf.

The bottom of the scarf is ribbed and the beads have been strung on to be placed between the purl stitches.  Once the ribbing is done the beads are placed using a crochet hook.
I opted not to use beads over the entire length of the scarf - just placing on the bottom quarter of the scarf so to not have any scratchiness around the neckline.
As I seem to do, I waited until the last minute to finish so I blocked my scarf the day of the program and was fortunate that the 100 degree weather dried my scarf on the blocking board when I placed it outside.   My friend Cheryl had suggested a hairdryer and fortunately I didn't have to succumb to that.
There was 30 attendees for the beading program and I do think everyone went home happy.
I can't wait to see next month how many have finished their scarf.