Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garden Happenings

Living in Northern California our growing season starts a little later then the south because of the cool nights.  I am happy to report our first grape tomato of the season. 
I planted two tomato plants this year, a grape variety and a standard size.  The standard size is making flowers but not producing but my grape tomatoes are producing like weeds. 
As they ripen the likelihood of them making inside is iffy as they are so delightful to just pop in the mouth and eat.
I also planted from seed pickling cucumbers.

I am always amazed how you check and check and then 'bazinga' there's a cucumber that needs to be picked. 
 I'm hoping with the three plants I have going enough will develop at the same time so they can be pickled.
The basil is growing and we've been enjoying fresh pesto and just to be a little different I am growing Australian Butter Squash.
Australian Butter
These pumpkins are suppose to be great for pies and baking and I just love the way they look.

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